Welcome to Skyridge Villa, your home on the magnificent island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands!

Skyridge is a lovely private villa on a mountain top that overlooks the vast Caribbean sea, fourteen emerald islands, and an amazing variety of seafaring vessels sweeping past in a neverending parade. Only a short drive away are St. John's world famous sugar-white beaches, but at Skyridge, our guests are cooled by sea breezes and serenaded by birds and tree frogs.

At night, Skyridgers are mesmerized by an amazing array of stars burning brightly overhead and, sometimes, the awe-inspiring sight of the full moon rising from a crystal blue sea, or the space station passing by!

Skyridge is often compared with living in a treehouse, our magnificent exotic gardens surrounding it on every side. And our pool and deck invites relaxation in the water or alongside in a comfortable chair.

Come. Relax. Discover the calm of the natural world at Skyridge, your home away from home in the Caribbean. Now see for yourself what makes Skyridge so special…

skyridge moon

Full moon rising over the Narrows, photo from Skyridge deck.